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To provide some ballast in this rolling blog, I paraphrase a favorite concept trawled from David Lodge’s Consciousness and the Novel (2002): Spiders spin webs, and beavers build dams.  Humans create stories.

Until a few years ago, I was a confirmed Luddite, a devotee to permaculture and all things ‘real’ and earthy.   An opportunity to study a Ba Arts online through OLA forced my hand, allowing a computer to insinuate itself into my life.  Since then I have been running to catch up.

I’d like to drive an MG Midget, but alas, wiser counsels prevail.

I have been forbidden to keep any more books.

I seem to accumulate cats.

I confess this blog was instigated as part of a Communication Unit at Curtin University.   Blogs apparently are sources of income, or enhance one’s employability if done professionally. However, I am not an artist, although I dabble over summer when listening to the cricket on the radio.  I seem to have acquired qualifications in art history, so I do appreciate art in others.  I am so appallingly old I can have no place in an ICT industry crowded with school-leavers.  Saddest of all, I was born too soon for Star-Fleet Command.

So this blog is about the stories and associations I tumble over everyday.  And about resurrecting prose long out of print.  And about the pictures I like.  It’s an internal monologue rather than a structured essay.

“The things you recall  may be fiction or fact, in accord with the angle you wish to refract … ” (Bob Howard-Smith, The Great Australian Epic)

Hope you enjoy!

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